Friday Weed Time – 4/20/07

by TheMadHat on April 20, 2007

It’s Tea Time 420 edition. Get out your pipes and smoke em’. Let’s get started with this weeks quality hydroponic stories. Enjoy and don’t eat too many Cheetos, they will turn your keyboard orange.

* I have to get this one out in the open immediately. I came across this nonsense when I was browsing around for my previous post. Make your phone 100% catholic too. What?

* Go check out a great post on web 2.0 domainers and arbitrage from Frank Schilling. Excellent read and he makes some well though out points regarding various aspects of 2.0.

* Welcome to the Rabbit Hole! I think he wrote that title just for me. It has to be one of the best resources you will ever find. Todd also lays out his Communist Link Manifesto with perspectives from each player with regards to link building.

* It didn’t take long for the Greatest Living American to become the Greatest Living American. Sweet.

* I really like the posts that Brian does on “some old guys” tips on whatever like PT Barnum, Ogilvy, Hemingway and this week we’ve got Benjamin Franklin the Online Marketer. Great series Brian, keep it up. How about Rambo’s guide to Adsense arbitrage?

* Does your affiliate site hate that quality score garbage? Hide Your Links with Graywolf.

* Bill must be the king weed smoker this week, he’s been obsessively churning out good stuff. First he found a good paper on link spam detection (pdf). Some great info on historical data and rankings in these two posts. Great info bill, I’m poring over the link spam paper this weekend.

* John Chan asks us Why Google is always so sneaky. Apparently they changed the bidding process from max CPC to some average CPC thing. I’m getting tired of Google.

* From Alister Cameron via problogger, here is another excellent algorithm type post on how Google Blogsearch ranks your drivel.

* ATTN: HACKER SAFE BOOSTS SEARCH RANKING. Oh wait; I see a comment in there from Matt “Link Gestapo” Cutts. Sorry Hacker Safe, you should have kept it quiet. Along the same lines Aaron at SEO Book lets us know really why Google is frightened of every link that isn’t in their pocket.

* Intraweb Gold with a 420 theme – Is Your Cat a Stoner?

That’s all for Friday “Weed” Time for this week. I gotta go eat some tacos.

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Bill April 20, 2007 at 11:19 pm

Nice roundup. I haven’t been able to check out my RSS feeds yet today, and it’s already after midnight. Some nice links here, though.

That link spam detection paper is a tough one to get through, but it’s worth the effort.

David Dalton February 7, 2009 at 11:43 pm

All good stuff, thanks. That link spam detection paper is a heavy one to get through, I had to have a clear head for that one, but well worth a read, as was the rest of them.

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