Friday Tea Time – 2/23/07

by TheMadHat on February 23, 2007

It’s that time again loyal Hatters…let’s celebrate this week’s Unbirthday in style! There was so much good stuff this week, I don’t have room put it all in. Just creating and going through this list every week takes several hours now because we’ve got so many good sources to look at. But without further ado…

* Found via AdRants, these guys want to be Playboy Mansion Pool Boys. I’d like to intern once they get the job.

* Mobile marketing…if you’re not paying attention every week I’ll try again. DigitalGhost has a brief post on cell phone ads, Search Engine Land has a breakdown on text message marketing, and Business Week has a good writeup on the battle for mobile search. This is one hot topic lately.

* Found via Battelle Media, Mark Fletcher (founder of Bloglines) has a new start up blog at Probably will have some good info coming out of it. I’ll be updating as I see things come across.

* Graywolf is on fire this week. We have more craziness from personal search. I for one welcome our new Google SkyNet overlords. Even more Adwords quality score nonsense. Add in some good advice on building defensible income with multiple sites.

* Found via a YOUmoz post is the anatomy of a super digg showing the power of generating traffic via digg. On the other hand, we have a not-for-digg pledge from Andy. I’m in agreement here, I’m getting tired of top ten ways to write something pointless.

* Can’t figure out where to start your affiliate marketing? Here is a good starting point. Just don’t put it on your desktop. I for one welcome our new Google Communist overlords.

* Blog stuff: Problogger has 10 ways to kill your blog and running a blog competition. Dean again on WordPress adding built-in Digg voting. Search Marketing Standard with keeping old posts alive.

* Here is a good post on the quick launch and quick sell startup Jumpcut.

* Running an affiliate program can be hard work (or no work at all, right Nate?). Rae tells us how to piss off your affiliates.

* SEOmoz has a couple good basic SEO posts, with 24 on-site checks for dummy’s and why you are a dummy in the first place.

* Links Links and More Links: Buy links and don’t get caught, don’t buy links because soon they won’t matter (that’s still far off I think), and content is still the King.

* Girl Scouts on MySpace?????? Sounds like a problem waiting to happen.

* Last but certainly not least, some forward thinking from StuntDubl.

That’s all she wrote for this Friday. Go look through the looking glass and see what you find.

SIDE NOTE: I’m going to try and post more frequently starting next week, hoping to get out 3-4 a week including the Tea Time so stay tuned. Also stay tuned for some technical posts on personalized search related topics with a joint effort from TheMadHat and my good friend Dave the Gypsy!

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DG February 23, 2007 at 3:32 pm

I can just skip reading all week long, and hit your blog on Friday to catch up. ; )

Nate February 23, 2007 at 5:23 pm

Uhh…do we have an affiliate program?

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