Find The White RabbitIf I were looking for a white rabbit, I’d ask the Mad Hatter too. My name is Aaron Chronister, and this is Wonderland. Let’s start from the beginning….1989. I was 13 and got my first computer, a powerful Intel 80286 with an astonishing 2mb of RAM and a 20mb hard drive. From that point on, I’ve been fascinated with all facets of technology.

I began in the SEO field in 2000 and I taught myself most of everything I know through trial and error and error and error. I’m currently into all types Internet marketing: search engine optimization, domain acquisition, affiliate marketing, contextual ads, arbitrage, web analytics, and various other things (RSS exploits, trackback spamming, mass autogen wordpress sites, autogen content, database driven MFA fun, etc, etc, etc). For the last 4+ years have been the in-house SEO in a very competitive market (which is completely separate from my experiments into the blackhat world).

I occasionally do some limited outside consulting when the opportunity arises, so if you wish to hire me, let me know (be forwarned, I’m very expensive but you get what you pay for). You can also follow me down the rabbit hole or reach me right now via IM (just see the contact page). I am also the founder and president of Mad Hat Media Group, LLC. This is the parent company of my internet properties.

This blog is here to keep track of my forays into SEO, affiliate marketing, domaining, and other various projects I have planned. I wanted to keep track of my mistakes and my successes and publish them in order to let others in on what works for me and what doesn’t. Happy unbirthday to all! Would you like some tea?

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