Yahoo Screwing Up Titles And Results

by TheMadHat on January 16, 2007

I’m not sure what Yahoo is doing, but they seem to be altering site titles in the results on some searches. Not real sure what the story is on this one, but where the hell do they get off changing my titles? I know it’s their damn engine, but I’ve done countless tests on my titles and have optimized it for the best CTR possible. Changing it to a generic lowercase keyword isn’t the optimal way to do this. Also, for some reason they don’t seem to be changing all the listings, just a select few. There seems to be conjecture that this is coming from the wikipedia listings, but I’m not sure yet. Anyone have any ideas?

On a side note, the algo update Yahoo seems to be doing is killing me. The results also suck. There are pages ranking for highly competitive terms that don’t even have the terms in the titles or on the page, and are not showing any decent backlinks at all. Anyone else notice this? I’m going to file a formal complaint with the Yahoo complaint department, otherwise known as my local bar. A few beers will do me good.

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Youth Group September 28, 2007 at 4:05 am

Google creating monopoly in searching.

But yahoo’s performance is still poor.

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