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by TheMadHat on December 21, 2006

Just stumbled onto a new answer service called Jyve. It takes the concept of Yahoo Answers to a new level. Ask a question, and you get an immediate response via IM or a phone call from someone on Skype answering your question. I’m not sure about the level of expertise of the people answering the questions though; it seems a little shifty at the moment. It will be fun to keep an eye on it to see if this type of service can take off. I think it could work if they can up the level of experts, and it’s not just a shot in the dark.

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Mora wacker September 11, 2007 at 12:27 am

Its very interesting.It is(Jyve) like IRC (Internet Relay Chat). A user enters into something like a chatroom and asks a question. A bunch of other users, including yourself will try to answer the questions.So we cannot make sure those answers are accurate results or exact answers what we need.Its entirely depends on the people who are answering us.
If the user likes your answers, she might tip you or she might not.The whole process is unpredictable but it seemed fun while it lasted.I did some tests by asking the question .I received several replies within a few seconds.Try it out if you’re interested

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