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by TheMadHat on August 15, 2007

So I’m digging through my slow ass Google feed reader Sunday and I come across another SEO tool set. I rolled my eyes thinking “how many more useless SEO tools can these hacks push?”

Let’s start with the current landscape. There are quite a few very useful tools out there that save us all a lot of development time and give beginners the ability to start off on solid ground. There are several iterations of these and many more that are useful, but here are some of my favorites that are publicly available:

* Keyword Cleaner – SEO Book makes cleaning your keyword list a snap. This is a great tool for beginners that don’t have their own customized solutions. Once you’re comfortable with it you can modify the source for your convenience.

* Compete – Trending data that gives you a good snapshot of visitors, engagement, and growth.

* URL Trends – Another domain tracking service that supplies trending data on various things like backlinks, social media mentions, and top 10 rankings. This will give you a good overview of historical growth.

* SEOmoz SEO Tools – All of them, and in my opinion the best collection available to the public. Page Strength is probably the most popular and can be a great benchmark for comparing and analyzing domains. Link Finder is a newer one that finds authority domains that rank well for your specified keywords. Keyword Difficulty Tool seems considerably accurate. Popular Searches gives you the best picture of the current buzz and most popular searches daily. I am currently a premium member and fully recommend paying for one. It’s certainly worth the cost so if you’re on the fence go ahead and pull the trigger. It’s especially great for getting beginner and intermediate level SEO’s up to speed very quickly and well worth the investment. (I have no affiliation and was not compensated for this post Matt…I do wish they would change my profile name to TheMadHat but I guess my domain would stop passing PR if they did so. Right Google Gestapo Secret Agent Man?).

Anyway, enough link love for Rand and Company; let’s move on to the out of date and/or completely worthless tools. There are dump trucks full of crap out there that a 10-year-old could build, if there was a point. Some of these include:

* Can anyone say keyword density tools? Don’t waste your time please.

* Meta Tag Generators. Go to truck driving school please.

* Submit your website to 152,982,482 MAJOR search engines. Are these things really still around? Whatever. Please.

Occasionally you’ll find something that’s worth digging into and will actually help your SEO efforts. Most tools are focused around analysis of websites, keywords, competition, etc. While these of course help in your SEO efforts, very few actively increase you’re rankings (I’ve heard SQUIRT is effective, but I’ve not yet tried it). That’s why these upcoming elite SEO tools from Digerati Marketing caught my attention. Here are the details:

* Link Backrub – This tool will increase your backlinks massively by scouring the Internet for sites that link to you, that are not indexed in search engines. Any links it finds to your site, which are not indexed by Google, it will get them indexed – almost instantly, thus letting Google see all of your backlinks. This will of course, improve your rankings.

* Flashdex – This tool will get ANY page indexed in Google within 1 hour – guaranteed.

* Social Storm – This neat little bit of script can get a single page or multiple pages socially bookmarked on the top 20 social bookmarking and tagging sites over 190 times, automatically, from different IPs at random times over the course of weeks. This can give you massive traffic boosts.

* StumbleXchange Automator – StumbleXchange is a great site, but it takes so damn long! This program will automate the entire process for you! No more hours of stumbling other peoples pages, just click and go to sleep!

* Link Buster – This tool will build you over 100 relevant links per month, to any page requested – and it’s not blackhat!

I’m really interested in taking a look at these tools and how they work (hint hint). I’m especially curious about how they dodge leaving a footprint. If I get a chance to test this thing or sign on after they are released I plan on checking out SQUIRT and comparing these tools and measuring their effectiveness.

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