Why should a legitimate business need to worry about SEO?

by TheMadHat on December 8, 2006

So recently the guys putting on Elite Retreat threw out a chance to win a free ticket. I wanted to go, but couldn’t swing the 5k this close to Christmas. I can certainly handle the plane ride and the hotel though. Anyone that has a chance to spend a couple days with the four of those guys should take it. The information you would get in 2 hours would be worth the 5k. Anyawy, here is my response the the question they wanted answered.

If I had to give a one word answer to this question, I would say “Growth”. SEO is no longer a fringe marketing tactic it once was, and if you’re not doing it your competitors will be. Are you a company thinking about ignoring SEO and relying only on brick and mortar sales channels and traditional marketing techniques? This will clearly lead to stagnant growth and as the industry continues to mature could lead to disastrous results.

Any legitimate business will benefit including SEO with traditional marketing channels. There are the obvious ecommerce benefits with increased sales and increased lead generation. However, several other perks are attached to search that are often overlooked by the ignoramus company executive. Public relations and reputation management can be controlled much faster with search. Negative press can be knocked down in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. Information on new products/services can be launched quickly, eliminating some of the advantages of the large corporations. Customer service can be streamlined and customers will experience less frustration.

There are some that claim SEO is a useless endeavor (Calacanis, Pasternack). Clearly this is a result of alien abduction and brainwashing. The numbers don’t lie. SEO consistently brings more return than any other form of marketing. Get in the game or get left behind.

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