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by TheMadHat on February 7, 2011

Mike Halvorsen did not endorse or ask me to write this post. He is a very knowledgeable and profession SEO. This is in response to the emails so called Columbus SEO expert Joe Rozsa sent to him trying to bully him into changing his web site, and generally being an all around ass hat.

I couldn’t remember which “Trademark” I was not supposed to use so I used them both. That being said, this Joe Rozsa expert…he probably calls himself a guru, needs to go dig a hole, get in it, and stay there. It’s called online reputation management for a reason, and you no longer have any thanks to your complete lack of anything bordering on sanity (maybe you should go read this). Hey, check it out Mr. Joe Rozsa, I used SEO Columbus in my title, URL, in my post, and I linked to the respectful person you think you can push around. Want to try that with me? See where you get.


I have another question. Who in the name of God you allowed to speak at SMXand SES? I think someone should speak up about it. You’ve now not only completely trashed your reputation, but you have now tarnished the reputation of some very smart people running very reputable conferences (well, that’s debatable now because of you). I’m sure that Danny Sullivan is happy to be associated with you. Of course that was in 2007 when you were clearly a top authority on SEO (You MUST have been… you’ve been “using the SEO Columbus name since 2006” and all).

If you’re looking for an actual SEO in Columbus, or a company you think isn’t allowed to use SEO Columbus at all, well I think you have sealed the deal on any future business for you. I’d recommend changing your business name immediately. Like tomorrow. Another thing, Michael didn’t even want to bother with you so he actually took down the page, then you emailed him bitching and whining about it again. I sure your stupidity will continue and you’ll try and post some lame response to the shit storm you brought upon yourself.

And since I’m such a nice guy, and you clearly never do any of your own research, here is a little trademark law for you (It’s from Harvard so don’t be a fucking moron and try to argue your point. SEO and Columbus are both generic terms):

A generic mark is a mark that describes the general category to which the underlying product belongs. For example, the term “Computer” is a generic term for computer equipment. Generic marks are entitled to no protection under trademark law. Thus, a manufacturer selling “Computer” brand computers (or “Apple” brand apples, etc.) would have no exclusive right to use that term with respect to that product. Generic terms are not protected by trademark law because they are simply too useful for identifying a particular product. Giving a single manufacturer control over use of the term would give that manufacturer too great a competitive advantage. Under some circumstances, terms that are not originally generic can become generic over time (a process called “genericity”), and thus become unprotected.

Joe Rozsa

PS: No, I won’t remove anything from this post unless you issue a formal apology to Michael, a formal apology to all the others you’ve probably sent that dumbshit email to, admit that you are making everyone look bad, admit that you actually know nothing about trademark law, and take a picture of yourself standing on your head for me to post here. And all that must be done on your blog too.

PSS: I’m going to ignore any emails I get from you so don’t bother.

PSSS: I have more lawyers than you so go ahead.

UPDATE: Here are some more articles on this nonsense.

Apology to the SEO Community – Notice how he still doesn’t get it? He still thinks “SEO Columbus” is his company name. He also says “So until now, I’d been acting on advice from my attorney that I received years ago”. Even 50 years ago I don’t think an attorney would have given him this advice.

He thanks Mike for all the links here *facepalm* I don’t need to say it, Rae said it here for me “Anyone who does link to you thinking you’re an ass will use a nofollow.”

SEO Columbus Sucks
Joe Rozsa – Not a Columbus SEO – Use Mike Halvorsen Instead
SEO Columbus – From Ryan Jones at dotCult
SEO Columbus – The world’s greatest SEO chimes in (He also says we went to far. Maybe in all fairness we did, but I call it how I see it).
SEO Columbus Review & Recommendations
Goodbye (SEO) Columbus – Todd Mintz
Mike and Joe’s Big Online Reputation Management Misadventure – Also the part from Dan Cristo was spot on.
SEO Columbus – Why SEOs NEED to know ORM
An SEO Columbus Case Study: How To Kill Your Reputation in 10 Steps (or Less)

He did actually email me asking me to remove this post, or if I could “just remove at least his name” and he doesn’t market himself with his name. I’m not sure how you market yourself as a professional without using your name.

The first sentence was to “apologize for my poor decision and bad taste in asking Mike Halvorsen to not use my company name on his site.” It’s not your company name dude.. He also claims he’s “gotten to be on pretty good terms with a lot of those people now” referring to all of the above posts. I don’t really believe that either.

He also said he “wasn’t interested in other people’s opinion of his apology.” In that case I’m not interested in your apology. Mr. Rozsa still doesn’t have a clue.

It seems this isn’t Rozsa’s first time being an asshat. Back in 2008, he seemed to be bashing Zappos in some bizzare lawsuit via press release. He tried to cover his tracks then too and suckered the guy into removing his name from that post. Not falling for it twice.

Oops, I forgot my rule.

Elisha Cuthbert Boobs

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