Lies, Inconsistencies, And Misinformation – Welcome To SEO

by TheMadHat on January 5, 2007

We all know to take everything read in forums with a grain of salt, and the majority of the time outrageous statements are debunked by more expert members. However, being an active participant of several “high quality” forums, there seems to be a lot of misinformation floating around, even among those who appear to be experienced marketers. Here are a few from just today, so lets take a look.

* The text content ratio is the percentage of the page which is actual content, as opposed to the portion which is HTML tags, scripts, etc… …search engines use this ratio to determine the relevancy of your page and the higher this value, the greater your chances of ranking higher.

Please go and find something better to do with your time. This may have had some significance long ago in a galaxy far, far away, but not since the dark ages. Basically you should take out all your style info and just use as much text as possible. In fact, just go and copy the Mortgage Encyclopedia and rank #1 for mortgages! Sweet, I’m quitting my job to go live on a sandy beach.

* yahoo prefers a KW density of 8 % but the synonyms are counted as the same keyword.

Google prefers 2 % KW density and synonyms are counted as different KWs.

Keyword density again. Sure. Seriously how did that person even come up with those numbers, much less how he could possibly argue that point.

* Sitewide external links will give your site a penalty. Put the links in the content area instead.

* Sitewide links to your own sites or any other sites are discounted to 1 link of value.

* Yeah,it’s not good to have outgoing links in one page, you can add the “nofollow” attribute to the links if you are afraid of the pr leak.

* Hi, on my site I am going to be having a few links to other sites and I’ve read that’s bad for PR.

Here we go with PR leakage as it relates to outbound links. Of course….don’t link to anywhere, we wouldn’t want to give away our precious PR. Then we have the “don’t use sitewide links” group…. Sitewide links sometimes make sense people, it doesn’t hurt anything (unless of course it’s to a bunch of bad neighborhood junk).

Moving on to the completely ignorant argument that a nofollow tag can help you keep your PR. I’m not sure how some of these things start circulating, but nofollow is to combat comment spam, not anything related to the mythical PR leakage. How well do you think a site with absolutely no outbound links is going to do? You can keep all your PR and rule the world. With the exception of ranking for [something], I think you’ll find yourself sitting in a deep sandy box.

And what the hell does “discounted to 1 link of value” mean? One outbound link negates one inbound link? I don’t even want to speculate on that one.

* the title is very important, i would recommend having it on a white background

Say what? Google ranks pages with a white background and black text higher? Sweet, more money for my beach living.

So in conclusion, the secret to defeating Google is to have a white background, as much black text as possible, only paragraph tags, and no outbound links. Anyone want to join me for a Pina Colada?

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