Home Depot Makes Good

by TheMadHat on March 20, 2007

Back in January I posted a fairly extensive write-up about why Home Depot sucks at search marketing and as a follow up I figured I should point out that they know a thing or two about reputation management. Recently MSN featured an article about Home Depot shafting shoppers. There were thousands of responses to this article, the majority of them on the negative side. In order to control the damage a little, Home Depot CEO Frank Blake posted a response to all the negativity. Here are a couple excerpts from his post:

I’m Frank Blake, the new CEO for The Home Depot. I’ve read a number of the postings on the MSN message board (unfortunately, there were a lot of them), and we’ve dispatched a dedicated task force – working directly with me – that is ready and willing to address each and every issue raised on this board. Please give us the chance.

There’s no way I can express how sorry I am for all of the stories you shared. I recognize that many of you were loyal and dedicated shoppers of The Home Depot … and we let you down. That’s unacceptable. Customers are our company’s lifeblood – and the sole reason we have been able to build such a successful company is because of your support. The only way we’re going to continue to be successful is by regaining your trust and confidence … and we will do that.

I’d like to thank Scott – his column about our company was insightful and revealing. You can easily tell that it struck a nerve with me. Scott, we’ll do all in our power to again make The Home Depot the store you and your wife, Carolyn, once referred to as “our store.” I’d also like to give my thanks to the many people who posted comments on this board. We want them. We need them … to enable us to keep getting better. We’re committed to being the company that helped set the standard for customer service excellence in home improvement. Please continue to hold us accountable.

A very well done response in my book. He apologizes, addresses the concerns, lays out what they are going to do to fix them, and finally thanks the author and the responders for their feedback. He couldn’t have done a better job in my book. Way to go Home Depot! I’m off to buy some patio furniture.

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JH August 14, 2008 at 6:16 pm

Never shop at HomeDepot Again
Purchased a back door, and went back to the store and it was sold. This door was paid for in fully along with devilvery charge, was told the store manager was not in, and the employee was getting a written warning, well that does not help me, since their were no doors left. Well HomeDepot I am going to cancel my credit card with you and no longer do major shopping with you. LOWES will get my business for all my upgardes on my NEW home

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