In Loving Memory Of The Two Greatest Dogs That Ever Lived

by TheMadHat on November 2, 2007

Friday Tea Time will be postponed this week. This post is dedicated to the two greatest dogs that anyone could have ever been fortunate enough to know. Both Brooklyn and Korne unfortunately and unexpectedly passed away this week. Myself, Jay, Sarah, Scott, Warren, Paco, Troy and the rest of our friends and family will forever miss them.

Brooklyn This is Brooklyn, who one time fended off a burglar with a ferocious bite and waited patiently for me to come home and gain her reward of a steak bone. She also slept through another burglar that came into my garage and stole my car, but she wasn’t on duty that night so it was ok. She knew how to sit and lay down with a point and was the guardian of the back yard from all small and furry animals. Brooklyn had been in my life for 7 years when I saved her from the pound here in Kansas City.











Korne This is Korne who by far was the Queen of all things, and always crossed her legs like a proper puppy. She disliked the mailman to the point he wouldn’t deliver the mail (teaching her to attack the mailman might have attributed to that behavior). She also knew how to “bust out” like a lion and keep other strange dogs off the kitchen floor. The danger of coins was too high. She also kept another floppy eared dog out of trouble…most of the time. Korne had been in the family for 11 years beginning when I saved her from the deliverance family out of a box in front of Wal-Marts. Korne had lived with my best friends Jay, Scott, Paco, Troy, Warren and most recently with Jay and Sarah in Maine.



We’ll always remember both of our best friends and there will never again be two dogs as good and as dedicated as Korne and Brooklyn. Godspeed.

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