Friday Turkey Time

by TheMadHat on November 23, 2007

In honor of the turkey that I spent 19 hours cooking in my smoker (it was a big turkey), we’re doing turkey time today. I’ll continue with last weeks theme of giving you the gems by category in my feed reader. I believe we ended that Tea Time in the code category, so let’s move on to…the conference category!

    * PubCon is fast approaching! I’ll be arriving on Monday the 3rd and departing on Saturday the 8th and staying at the Wynn. Who’s going to be where and who’s having the best private party that I should be invited to in exchange for constant promotion from me ;) . Anyway, the final agenda is up so if you still haven’t signed up for it do so quickly. The Wynn is sold out so you’ll have to stay somewhere else but you’ll get at least one free drink from me so you’ll save money. I’m also really excited about the Moniker domain auction. It will be my first to actually attend.

    * On the contextual side, the big news lately has been the drop in earnings. Earners Blog ran a poll and gHacks has some tips on handling the change. My revenue and CTR have actually gone up this month, but that may be an anomaly since it’s a small data set.

    * Domaining. I’ve been meddling around in this area for about 8 months so I’m still a n00bster but I’m starting to get a little better at it. First reported that .EU domain use is up 23% during the third quarter. I like to see ccTLD’s use increase as I’m betting on .US being quite popular. And I’m not just betting for fun on that one.

    Michael Gilmour from has helped me tremendously getting started in this industry. Not personally, as I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet, but just from his blog alone. He has published outstanding information about the industry and strategies he uses. If you are looking to enter this space, go there first. His recent posts on Domaining 101 are the first you should read and if you subscribe to one domaining blog, this is it. See Domaining 101 – Part 1 Business Models, Part 2 Buying Domains, and Part 3 Buying Traffic Domains.

    Let’s talk about the Registrant Search tool from Jay Westerdal (if you don’t know, this allows you to look up all the domains that have ever been associated with the queried name). When it was released there was a major outcry about privacy issues and a few other things. I am on the side of it being removed. It reminds me of the leaked AOL data to some extent. Having my portfolio open to public view to anyone isn’t something I like at all. Having the ability to look up and find out I’m the owner is okay, but being able to look me up and find out everything I own is not at all. To his credit he has asked for comments on the issue on whether he should or shouldn’t keep it running. Take it down Jay. I know I’m a nobody in the domaining world right now but I’m still going to weigh in.

    * Okay, enough domaining talk. I’ve just been on a domain kick lately. Let’s jump to the general category. Spotted via (Allen Stern) TechCrunch reports a rumor of LinkedIn getting gobbled up by NewsCorp. I’ve always been a fan and regular user of LinkedIn so I hope getting taken by the giant conglomerate won’t change the people and philosophy behind it.

    Jeremiah Owyang has a nice post on using social media to give feedback, and in a real world example from this week, Daver reported seeing a quick response from LinkedIn to a twitter conversation. Cool stuff.

    * Interweb Gold: LolCat Builder. ROLFCOPTER! (spotted this via Point Oh)


That’s all for Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks for all my readers and to Dave, thanks for the thanks!

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bocabit November 24, 2007 at 3:10 pm

Nice shot! :)

bocabit November 24, 2007 at 3:13 pm

and nice cat :)

Free Internet Speed Test November 25, 2007 at 7:41 am

Wow that is a HUGE Cat! OMG. What do you feed it? Thanks Ken

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