Friday Tequila Time – 9/14/07

by TheMadHat on September 14, 2007

We’ve gone from tea to tequila this week based on my level of frustrations. Exploding laptops, leaking roofs, barfing dog, and so on. munchers del asno. That’s what people are who don’t freaking listen to me. Over.

* One of my favorite books of all time. Six pints of bitter. And quickly please, the world’s about to end. Here is The Hitchhikers Guide to SEO from Ford Prefect, errr SEOish.

* Let’s welcome back the Gypsy who must have been working with Matt Cutts on his new SEO software

* Here is a very detailed post on using nofollow for deeper index penetration. I said penetration. INDEX penetration you perverts. I’ve fooled around with doing this on a couple sites. I keep running into confusing results on larger sites (25k pages +). This can have some beneficial use but it’s not for the beginner. I’ll have a follow up post after I get better at deciphering it.

* Links with Java OnClick events don’t pass pagerank. What? JavaScript you mean maybe? Please don’t forget to optimize with a keyword density of 5.4%, and use Web Position Gold because it will give you a #1 ranking, and only use html extensions because .php will get you banned. Kudos to Boser for calling her a Dumbass and echoing the need for a bury/lame/idiot button on Sphinn. That whole story wasted about ten minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. Kind of like the time you’re wasting right now reading this post. At least mine is more entertaining because I can say things like those two are munchers del asno and Danny can’t delete my comment.

hit it

* fantomaster has some advice on hiding from Google when/if they buy GoDaddy. That will suck…moving all that shit will be expensive. He also spills the beans on gaming social networks because hey, what the hell else are they good for.

* Interested in domaining? Brian has the lowdown on what it has been like entering the domain market nine months ago. I’ve been doing some domaining for about six months and he has some excellent pointers. Read every scrap of information you can before getting into this, it can be a tricky business.

* AMEN to Todd. He’s an optimizer optimizing to become optimally optimized. If only more people would follow his advice. Business sense plus SEO experience and knowledge is the key. Go stuff some meta tags up your ass if you don’t think so.

* Interweb Gold: NFL Predictions – Star Wars Style. The Chiefs most resemble a Taun Taun (that thing Skywalker cut open and slept in). That is what is happening to our season so far.

AdiĆ³s muchachos y muchachas…I’m off to slam some Don Julio Blanco.

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Rose September 14, 2007 at 3:59 pm

Thank you for the link love. Pay close attention to the discussion.

theGypsy September 16, 2007 at 4:26 pm

WOW… beer and tequila?? We’re partying this week. You are starting to sound maore and more like a ranter brother MadHat… nice to have company!! L8TR

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