Friday Tea Time (Weekly Roundup)

by TheMadHat on January 5, 2007

Time for our weekly roundup of news from the search industry. There have been a flood of good posts lately and I’m having trouble keeping up with all the great stuff out there. It seems like the frequency of posts are increasing across the board. Anyway, let’s see what TheMadHat has on his Unbirthday…

* ShoeMoney has an interesting post on hiring Matt Cutts with responses from some of the big players. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t hire Matt, even outside of the search sector. But does Matt really need to work for someone else?

* Google’s Shuman Ghosemajumder responds to The Sausage Manifesto, an open letter to the search engines on click fraud issues. Good response in my opinion.

* Loren Baker writes up a post on Should Digg be listed in Google. I thought about this and might offer my opinion a little later. I’m not sure what the popular opinion is.

* Search Engine Land reports that LinkedIn has launched their own answers service. Personally I’m a fan of LinkedIn and am interested in seeing if this can gain some momentum.

* DigitalGhost from Speaking Freely has a new blogger showing us internet marketing from a teenage perspective. This week she tells us what teenagers are buying on the web. Check it out, might give you some good insights to niche market opportunities.

* SEO BlackHat shoots down a post on click fraud from Rsnake when he disses banner ads. I’m in agreement and I am always eagerly waiting for posts from QuadsZilla.

* I initially wasn’t going to include this, but Google pulls it tips from searches. Overreaction in my opinion, I didn’t mind them.

* Great post from Andy Hagans on maintaining your revenue stream. Definitely worth a read and thinking about.

* Good post from Brian Provost on developing new SEO business. Always great reads from this blog, check it out more often.

* And finally, 11 reasons to be an SEO. I can think of a few more, but the main reason is cause we kick ass.

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