Friday Tea Time – 8/3/07

by TheMadHat on August 3, 2007

Friday Tea Time. Finally I know. Shut it, I’ve been busy. Without further irrelevant content:

* Aaron Wall estimates the value of the long tail and tells you loyal readers how to do it.

* An excellent post for beginner web marketers from SEO Black Hat about where to start.

* Discovered via SEOmoz, an very comprehensive list of blogging resources. I skimmed around on this site for a while and he/she has quite a few excellent list that don’t normally get a lot of attention so check it out. And just because I’m in a generous mood this morning and I will probably be referencing that list in the future: Go and get some business credit cards!

* Manchester United is recruiting nine year old kids off of YouTube? Well, he does look fairly decent. A good elbow to the side of the head might slow him down.

* From Search Engine Journal an interesting take on manipulating your Adwords quality score. You can most certainly use this process for manipulating troubleshooting organic results as well.

* Is today’s SEO tomorrow’s spam? Of course it is, don’t be naive. Paid links are already considered spam and in most markets you can’t compete without doing it to some extent. I suppose if you want to white hat your way to #1 for rolling marbles across the floor then be my guest.

* Cross-linking non-relevant site is bad. No shit? Way to give the world such timely information on your algorithm. By the way, JavaScript redirects are also bad.

* Unconditional Link Love. Excellent advice DG.

* I’m not a big fan of lists, but they work. I guess this is a list, just without numbers. Oh well. Anyway, Copyblogger has a list about writing lists.

* Darren is doing another build a better blog month. That’s a lot of hard work and so far his advice has been spectacular, so be sure to keep up with ProBlogger this month.

* Intraweb Gold: That’s just weird.

That’s all folks.

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