Friday Tea Time – 8/24/07 (Belated Sunday Edition)

by TheMadHat on August 26, 2007

So Friday Tea Time is on Sunday this week. No complaining. You’ll drink it and you’ll like it. End of story.

* I’m sharing some new blogs I discovered this week that are worth a read. Stuff by Sarah includes all kinds of subjects including PHP, blogging, affiliate stuff and more (also lots of flower pictures if you’re into that). Second we have some great writing by the younger crowd (high-school??) over at Blogtrepreneur. Great design, well written with good advice. He’s also started a Blog consulting and review service called BlogLOUDER. Great start Adnan. Third is Marketfederation with blogging tips and Web 2.0 related stuff with sharp insights and opinions and he stays away from regurgitating news. Welcome to my reader and thanks for the link love! Next we have with a new blog on making money online. Good start Mikael, and I got this idea from your first post so thanks! Last but not least, a blog about nothing specific.

* There are a lot of “SEO and blogging” posts out there, but this week Stephan Spencer has a good posts on common mistakes bloggers make that covers all the basics and then jumps to more advanced stuff like using the nofollow tag on your archive links. At least that tag may be good for something ;p

* Staying on the blogging topic, Darren posts 97 tips from his readers that every blogger should know. Become an A-Lister from the resources on this one page (or just have an excellent blog, some of the A-Listers are overrated anyway).

* Another Google paid links post, one of thousands this week including one on Google losing relevancy from me, but SEO book has a good conspiracy theory on why Google hates paid links that hits the nail on the head. Mostly. Good post, give it a read.

* 12 must be the new 10. Amber at PPC Hero has 12 things to do to increase landing page conversions. It’s a good set of guidelines for optimizing landing pages (PPC or otherwise). Combine this with the post from the Grok that claims Google checkout converts better than traditional checkouts. I’m not too sure about this one. Just because Google says it doesn’t make it so.

* Intraweb Gold: No More Showing Your Thong! High school girls everywhere prepare for jail.

Later folks. Next week I’ll try to be on time!

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Ronald Patiro August 28, 2007 at 9:08 am

The post about Google Checkout does not openly claim that Google Checkout actually does convert better. Google’s official site is referenced as the source for that claim and the piece asks for anyones experience with Google Checkout to see if the statements from Google’s site hold true. In the article there are 5 things pointed out that Google checkout is doing that are good and there are 5 things that they could do to improve their service. Thanks for the link, and I hope that clears up the direction of the post.

Ron Patiro

TheMadHat August 28, 2007 at 9:37 am


Thanks for setting me straight. I read it as you substantiating their claim and explaining why.

I would be interested in finding out since I don’t currently use it on any of my sites. The only experience I’ve had was purchasing something (in the early stages of the launch). It wouldn’t let me complete the process due to some “Checkout Unavailable” error so it didn’t leave me with a good first impression.

I certainly see it increasing click-through rates, but a 24% to 40% increase over traditional checkout seems steep. A guess it depends on what you would define as a “traditional checkout” but I digress.

Thanks for expanding for us and good stuff from Grok as always!

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