Friday Tea Time – 8/17/07

by TheMadHat on August 17, 2007

I think I read every post this week from every SEO blogger I could find. My eyeballs hurt…there are a lot of good blogs out there putting out some good ideas and theories. If you’re one of those bloggers then congratulations! If you’re one of those bloggers that regurgitate SEO news every day of the week on every post then please go hang yourself, I’m tired of wasting energy clicking on your buttons. If you’re one of those bloggers with partial feeds, I probably didn’t read your post because I’m lazy like that. On to the best and brightest posts I found this week:

* Dan Thies on proxy hacking taking people out of the SERP’s. It’s happened to me folks and it’s easy to do so you certainly need to check it out. SEO Egghead has the solution on how to defend against proxy hacking which is heavy into PHP but doesn’t look too hard to implement. It’s sad the SEO community had to come up with a solution for this when Google has known about it for quite some time.

* Aaron Wall tells us Matt, Mihai, and other search engine bloggers are all secret propagandists trying to mislead the public into mass confusion. I agree.

* Via ProBlogger: Blog Action Day. Participate, it’s for a good cause and is an interesting experiment into social media. Darren also gives us some tips on how to spy on competing blogs that makes for a good blueprint.

* Again from Darren we finally get an explanation on why our freaking feedburner numbers never stay consistent.

* GEEK ALERT! w00t! I exploded my test server a couple times at 1am last night but finally got it working. It’s the fastest I’ve ever installed Linux with everything where it’s supposed to be. Fast Uniform Linux Install From Batch File. Thank you kindly UKgimp!

* Guess what folks, there are PERVERTS ON THE INTERWEB!!!! CNET of all places published this garbage from some 17 year old who thought getting a friend request from an old guy was “ick, creepy”. Jordan from Marketing Pilgrim agrees that this was a waste of space. Hey Sabena Suri….Shut your damn face! Everyone that reads this please go and add her to your friends list. Or poke her, whatever that is. Here is her profile link: Maybe that will teach her to not talk shit about people old enough to remember MS-DOS.

* Here is another celebrity guide post from Copyblogger, this time it’s marketing with David Lee Roth. I love these famous/historical people guides to marketing he publishes. Brian, please make a resource page with all these types of posts. And maybe do something like “The Paris Hilton Guide on Becoming a Legendary Whore”. That should get some diggs.

* I found a new blog yesterday…LinkJuicy from Peter Da Vanzo. He’s only had 6 posts thus far, but every one is excellent. His latest is an advanced linking interview with Ralph Tegtmeier of, a well known authority on the topic. Check it out: Part I and Part II. Enjoy and welcome to my feed reader LinkJuicy.

* Are you a time waster? Take this test and find out. Seems to me just taking the test is a good indication that you’re a time waster.

* Found via somewhere I forgot, here is a good financial analysis on the online and offline ad markets from Henry Blodget at Internet Outsider.

* Retailers’ SEO Efforts Found Lacking. No kidding? Really? I think we get this “astonishing” piece of news every year.

* Intraweb Gold: Fast Food Deliciousness

Everyone have fun next week at SES San Jose. Be sure to eat at your hotel because there isn’t anywhere else in that damn vacant downtown to get edible food.

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peter da vanzo August 17, 2007 at 4:32 pm

Many thanks for the mention :)

>>welcome to my feed reader LinkJuicy

And welcome, MadHat, to mine.

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