Friday Tea Time – 6/22/07

by TheMadHat on June 22, 2007

Friday Tea Time is back from a short hiatus. Too much travel can make it hard to do these posts. Anyway, here is a rundown of the things that caught my attention this week:

* Bill wrote a small piece explaining Google’s approach at Blog-Based Annotations for Web Sites. I would think this would be a sweet tool (from a link building angle of course, I wouldn’t dare sabotage my competition by setting up multiple blogs and constantly writing negative articles).

* Brian is once again giving free advice, this time to the new owners of I disagree with him this time. I think the opportunities in the old people market will only increase, and while high school seniors are also a potential gold mine, they are more web savvy and less likely to click on your “student loan” ads. I’m thinking two sections. One for old fogies and one for the young whipper snappers.

* Some great posts on launching a blog: one from copyblogger with the Blog Launch Blueprint and two from ProBlogger with Blog Launch Goals and Insert Linkbait Title Here (but it’s an exellent case study). This seems to be a popular subject every week with generally the same advice being pounded into our heads. I missed the boat in a couple of areas…I’m going to do a time reverse and try to catch up!

* Ask A Ninja? What? How about “ask why Ask is trying to become Fark”.

* Danny wants us to have Google free Friday throughout July. I’m in. I think I’ll take every Friday off of work next month.

* Jake at 10e20 has a nice report card on the 2008 presidential propaganda race. Do these “future world leaders” even have computers?

* Blackhat category! Desert Scraping from Blue Hat SEO. I used this method for a while. I think I called it automated domain hijacking but it worked, and still does to some extent. Be prepared to flip domains and hosts and everything else a lot.

* Whitehat from a blackhat. QuadsZilla points out how some hot chicks can make money with some viral video. Or with their boobs. Either way, the political arena is fodder for those good at creating viral content. And just so I can link to some almost porn, here is her personal page.

* Andrew Goodman just told Jerry yang how to fix Yahoo. Let’s see if he pays attention.

* Interesting post from the YOUmoz section on user behavior impacting rankings. He makes some excellent observations.

* Intraweb Gold: Another Cat on Drugs.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more of my thoughts and analysis of SMX Advanced as soon as I can push them out!

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Jake Matthews June 22, 2007 at 12:49 pm

Thanks for the nod Mad Hat. I’m convinced that some of these propagandists do not in fact have computers at all. Great observation ;-)

I’m definitely going to visit the Goodman link and Youmoz observations from above – thanks for the finds.

TheMadHat June 22, 2007 at 1:01 pm

Bunch of Luddites, every last one of them! Thanks for stopping by Jake!

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