Friday Tea Time

by TheMadHat on February 9, 2007

Tea Time people! I’m adding a shot of Jagermeister in this week. Drink up.

* Paris Hilton Rules – I had to start with that one from Brian. Treat your SEO projects like Paris Hilton and buy a hotel conglomerate.

* I was starting to get sick of this Calacanis nonsense, but Neil Patel got him to accept a Calacanis SEO challenge. We all know Neil will win, just make sure Jason writes at least a seven page apology.

* Hate linkbait or love linkbait or who cares just do it? Andy linkbaits the entire industry with the Ultimate Linkbait Guide. In case you people living in a cave missed it or something.

* AdSense lessons from the master SEO Black Hat. Bombs, war, Navy, Milton Bradley, SEO, and Money…what more could you ask for?

* Also from QuadsZilla, who rules the tea time today, Wikipedia for $1,000,000,000?

* Dave, aka theGypsy, aka Mr phrase based indexing has the scoop on phrase based spam detection, or what to avoid when you’re a spammer ;)

* ProBlogger breaks down his top 9 earning programs. Always good to see what the pros are using. Number 6 is my number 1. I’ll have to start testing Chitika as I’m not using it and I keep hearing it pays well.

* Sugarrea has a nice writeup for the n00bs and a good reminder for the pros with post about links and a monkey. Not link monkeys, just links and a monkey.

* Nisan Gabbay of Startup Review writes about what VC’s look for when funding a starup.

* Yo DG!! Where’s Jessica? Hopefully over the flu!

* Last but not least, learn how you must Differentiate Your Blog or Die. According to Brian Clark at Copyblogger anyway. I’d agree…it’s also a tough thing to do.

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