Friday Tea Time – 4/16/07

by TheMadHat on February 16, 2007

Unbirthday time for Friday…actually let’s call it UnValentine’s day instead. Here are my interesting and off the wall posts for the week. I was super ugly busy this week so I didn’t get to dig as deep as usual, but here’s the tea time anyway:

* Want some advice from a 12 year old on how to drive traffic to your blog? ProBlogger guest David Wilkinson from Techzi has the scoop.

* Mr. ThinkBait, DrinkBait, LinkBait, and now ManBait. Win a date with Hooley for V-Day.

* Check out 7 Rules for Landing Page Optimization and the response from Future Now about Big Red Buttons. Both make good points. And for the sake of testing:

Big Red Button

* It’s not funny, but it has to be Alf or Calacanis.

* More props to Dave for a final breakdown PaIR Resources. Dave did several great posts on the subject and everyone will learn from them, so get over there. TheGypsy and I will be collaborating on some things soon…providing I actually have time to sleep or something first. Good job Dave!

* Do you want a shit ton of backlinks? Join the SEO Poker Tournament and ante up a link. Unfortunately I’m only at a PR 3 this early so I can’t participate, but I will totally be there if I hit 4 before then.

* Via Brian at copyblogger, the Wall Street Journal actually gets something correct about SEO. It’s about time mainstream media started paying attention.

* More cell phone wisdom from DigitalGhost. He’s in the tea time every week with evidence of the coming cell phone extravaganza so you should be paying attention. I am.

* According to Screenwerk, Google buys in-game ad company. Great, now I’m going to have Madden telling me to drink Coke during my Xbox game.

* Someone at SEOmoz had a good post on the 17 most common PPC mistakes, but the site seems to be down right now, so I don’t know who it was.

Peace out fellow hats of all shapes and colors. Join us next week where we’ll be celebrating Fat Tuesday and drinking a lot of beers and making complete fools of ourselves.

UPDATE: It isn’t really April yet…I think I was drinking heavily the day before I wrote this. But in wonderland, time goes forwards and backwards all the time, so it’s correct.

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Chris Hooley February 16, 2007 at 11:42 am

lol @ manbait, PIMP!

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