Friday Tea Time – 3/9/07

by TheMadHat on March 9, 2007

Welcome to Tea Time. Go find your favorite cup of tea, coffee, beer, whiskey or whatever. We have some great posts from the week, so let’s get right to it!

* Bill just posted this a few minutes ago and since it’s about personalization I’m throwing it in. Tracking triplets covers a new patent from Microsoft. No one ever beats him to the bank explaining these things. He also had a very comprehensive post earlier in the week with the Google local search glossary. Check it out!

* On the blogging front, Brian has 5 ways to look like an idiot. English was never my forte, but hopefully I don’t make those very often. For all you readers out there, Kris at Pepperjam lets you know how to piss off a blogger. I don’t really have this problem since I only have like 5 readers and they’re all my friends, but anyway. Hey Kris, you know how to piss off a blog reader? When your navigation links don’t work from inside your posts.

* I’ve been on a conversion kick lately. The smart guys at Future Now discuss landing pages and first impressions with a dose of humor thrown in. The first section certainly made me chuckle. They also pointed me to nobody actually reads what you’ve written from The Wizard of Ads, a good blog I just found.

* Jordan from Marketing Pilgrim has a nice collection of mobile marketing resources since it’s the hot new market. Hey Dean, you all right out there?

* Jessica Alba – Just helping you out Brian. I’ll be making a Kate Hudson post soon, so you can return the favor.

* Affiliate time. Jon tells you how to make money now and he’s not kidding. If you want to get going in the affiliate world, pay attention. If you’re going to be using PPC, make sure you are maximizing the impact of your ads and once you get started you’ll be on your way to becoming an E-Commerce Mogul.

* Social Media time. Chris from 10e20 let’s you know a white hat way to becoming a top Digg user. Seems a little gray to me. Jane Copeland from SEOmoz has a very comprehensive (that’s twice in this post) article on social media marketing. Great post Jane, I’ve got that one bookmarked for future reference!

* Since I just bought a house, this one from hitwise caught my attention. It appears the Google Base Real Estate section is picking up steam. I didn’t find the house I bought there, but I did use it quite a bit. Also from hitwise, a good post from LeAnn Prescott on the Vista/iPhone marketing battle.

* Interweb Gold – Cover your testicles!

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Kris Jones March 9, 2007 at 1:22 pm

Hey – thanks for the link and the nav tip!

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