Friday Tea Time – 3/30/07

by TheMadHat on March 30, 2007

Welcome to Friday Tea Time. I closed on my house this week, so that chaotic mess is finally over! Now I just have to mow the grass every few days, repaint some rooms, fix a couple windows, and on and on….

Anyway, let’s get to it. Here is the rundown of the more interesting happenings in the SEO world this week:

* Friends are always asking me why I don’t have anything on a MySpace profile or a bunch of videos of drunken camping publicly available on YouTube. Online reputation is why. This isn’t a very hard thing to do people. Start with not posting pictures of you smoking crack on MySpace. Go here for more helpful tips from Andy.

* Also from Andy, it looks like the totalitarian Google squad is ready to control politics. Great, I can’t wait to see how awful some of those PPC campaigns will probably turn out.

* Tony at geekwhat posts about RSS readers defeating the social aspect of blogs. I tend to agree to a point. Oftentimes the comments contain profoundly better content than the actual posts and a lot of times they are missed.

* I spotted this via Google Blogoscoped and I thought it was a good cause so I though I would donate a link. This kid is trying to make 1 million people aware of a certain global cause at a time. The site is non-profit and well built. So go and become aware of refugee camps.

* Google gives their employees bikes so they can save some trees or something. Too bad they all drive Prius hybrids that do more environmental damage than a Hummer. Way to go ShoeMoney, you’re saving the Earth!

* Search for Micro$oft on Google Maps, and get an anti-Micro$oft image. That is just funny stuff.

* A good explanation from martinibuster on detecting bad link neighborhoods. Don’t look at the topic, look at the backlinks.

* Scott Fish p0wns the Tea Time this week. First, he brings us ways to tap into the Hispanic search market. This is such an underutilized space I’m thinking of jumping in. Next he reports that AT&T will offer mobile banking. He also pointed me to a great article on start-up advice from some big-league players.

* More fear mongering.

* Blackhat! Check out this keyword fluffing technique from the Blue Hat. I’ve done variations of that one before but he explains it nicely.

* Twitter…I’ve been trying to avoid even looking at it. I think I’ll keep avoiding it. DG, are you sure you’re not a twitterer?

* This is getting long and mundane now, so I’ll end with our Intraweb Gold.

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Tony Chung March 30, 2007 at 12:54 pm

Thanks for the mention Aaron! I dig the layout of your site.

TheMadHat March 30, 2007 at 1:21 pm

Always like to hear what you have to say Tony! Thanks for the good comment!

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