Friday Tea Time – 3/2/07

by TheMadHat on March 2, 2007

Let me just tell you something. Buying a house is a pain in the ass time suck. Here is this weeks short, but still interesting Tea Time:

* Via ProBlogger, here is a complete list of options for turning your wordpress blog into a money maker. Personally the only way I’d do any advertising on this blog would be direct ads, but that’s just me. Darren also lets us know how to be a guest blogger and not look like a tool and how run off your readers. Copyblogger has how to build a truly unique blog…which hopefully I’m doing. Lots of great blogging stuff today.

* Scoreboard Media Group has the lowdown on rep management with The Definitive Guide to Online Reputation Management. Great stuff here, can’t even think of anything to add. Stuntdubl has a good one on rep management and your father in law.

* Rand has a good writeup on the different types of link analysis.

* DG has more on mobile marketing and the advances that need to come across the pond.

* 10e20 has a GREAT post on free analytics packages. Personally I stick with Google Analytics and IndexTools.

* A good synopsis of Matt Cutts thoughts on personalized search. I fully intend to have a big detailed analysis of this soon…as soon as I can get away from my Realtor.

* Happy Birthday to Sugarrae!

* Bill lets us know about a new Microshaft patent that removes duplicate listings…that’s organic and paid. I don’t think they’ll do it, but interesting concept.

* Finally some much desired blackhat stuff. IrishWonder wonders about the future of MFA. I’m going to keep squeezing out as much as possible for as long as possible. SEO Poker Tournament – dammit, I’m still only PR3. No fun for me.

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Amanda March 2, 2007 at 4:14 pm

building a unique blog is hard but i think you’re off to the right start with your name and design its simple clean but has its own pop which i like and i know a lot of other people like as well.

Esrun March 4, 2007 at 2:57 pm

lol I thought it said ‘buying a horse’ at first!

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