Friday Tea Time

by TheMadHat on January 26, 2007

I’m a little hung over on this Unbirthday, so cut me a little slack. Here are the interesting links for the week.

* Best post of the week goes to Graywolf on No Follow. Might be best post of the year.

* Has Google defused the linkbomb? Check out Danny’s post and the multiple comments on the issue.

* Bad rankings? Well, your site sucks.

* Darren has posted an initial reaction to the controversial V7N Contextual Links Program. Matt Cutts also does a little fear mongering. I’ll probably be using it as an advertiser. And yes, I’m a little shifty.

* Your Wife Is A Moron. Enough said. Jessica will be reporting on Monday what teenagers do online….stay tuned.

* Bill Belew at The Biz of Knowledge has a list of 66 Successful Bloggers and What they can teach so go a learn something…Nate.

* Aaron Wall from SEO book has an excellent post on filtering crap so you can actually get some work done along with some great business advice. He then tells us not to do what everyone else is. Good posts.

* Some “courtesan” in Chicago is offering her boobs for a Super Bowl Ticket. That’s some good linkbait. She should have made her own site and put some ads on it or something. Actually my Ticket Scalper associate Nate is going to “misplace” a couple three tickets and we’re going to “buy her now”.

* WordPress 2.1 – Code Name Ella. It’s out, go get it. I’ll be upgrading this weekend.

* Google lets their domain expire on their German domain. Nice one.

* As reported at Search Engine Land, SEMPO now is offering an online institute for SEM. Hmmmm. Seems a little pricey for something I already know. With the spotted history of SEMPO I’m going to wait.

* Content is King…So Is Promotion and holistic social marketing; both great reads from Brian this week.

* Missed this last week, but I thought I’d mention something I saw on ProBlogger and full feeds about Leon Ho’s 0 to 12000 subscribers article. I hate partial feeds. If the stuff is good I’ll read it…but I hate them. Full feeds everyone.

* MySpace is suing affiliates for spamming, from ShoeMoney. Pffft. Move along, nothing to see here.

* Gary Price reports Nintendo and Clusty joined up. Now your default search with the Wii is Clusty. When are we getting TheGoogleBox 360?

* There has been a lot of negativity about Digg lately. Digg traffic sucks and Digg is no good for SEO and other such spewing. Rand from SEOmoz disagrees and I agree with Rand.

* Linkbait or Link Ninjas from Jim. I think they’re more alike than he claims, but he’s the master of linking so whatever.

That’s probably enough for the day. Go drink some beer. And someone tell me what to do about THIS!!

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