Friday Tea Time – 2/22/08

by TheMadHat on February 22, 2008

Viva Las Vegas. In a drunken spur of the moment decision Wednesday I’m heading to Vegas tonight and will be there until Sunday night. So if any of you nutjobs will be at Affiliate Summit early shoot me an email or twit me a tweet and we can hook up for some Jager shots and beers.

Vegas Baby* Let’s start off with some sneaky sneaky. Continue your blackhat education wth 5ubliminal with Web Scraping 101. He does the world a service by getting you started but not giving everything away. That way you lazy bastards actually have to learn it. And he has the best RSS button ever.

* After you’ve learned the basics of scraping don’t forget to avoid leaving footprints and if you want a domainers angle check out Black Hat Domainers take on a newly released patent on stop words.

* Mike explains a completely whitehat method of keeping track of your links for your completely [not] whitehat link dumping linkbuilding activites. He’s gives us great examples of looking at things from high view…subscribe to his feed now before it’s too late.

* DVD Jon makes the world a safer place again. God bless the rebellion.

* It was a full week of Guestwhores since Sugarrae went and played in the sun. You can see my 37 days of debauchery with Scooby Doo.

* Scrape the search funnels from AdLabs. Haven’t tried it yet, but could be really useful in automating keyword lists.

* Brian has a good SEO for Drupal tutorial up. I’ve got a project I’m thinking about starting that will need something more robust than wordpress and it will be my first Drupal showing so thanks for the tips…because SEO is like poker ;)

Hooley Gets The Girls Every Time Mother Fucker* Since He is so famous, I must link to please the overlord.

* Jon posted about DoshDosh sphinning a post at Problogger on kicking StumbleAss. Was that confusing? In other words, don’t stumble this post.

* Bitches. Just because I hadn’t used any fucking bad words yet.

* Interweb Gold: 10 Things Every Adult Should Know (NSFW as if anything in this category ever is). And to follow up on #3…Stuff White People Like.

That’s it for Vegas Friday. I should be hammered by 9pm…which is our arrival time in Vegas. I think we have enough drink tickets to buy the entire plane beers the whole way. Again, if anyone will be there tomorrow, let me know and I’ll furnish the shots. Out.

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Aidan Rogers February 28, 2008 at 8:33 pm

Haha awesome 2nd last point.

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