Friday Tea Time

by TheMadHat on January 19, 2007

Unbirthday time again folks. There is so much good content coming out every week, it’s getting difficult to go through all of it. But since my loyal readers demand it, here are the gold nuggets from this week:

* 15 year old Jessica has another good post, this time on the younger crowd using cell phones or the web. Did you know only 14% of her class uses the internet to research homework projects? That percentage seems really low to me. Take a look at Cell Phones vs Online from Jessica.

* Brian over at copyblogger has a wonderful post comparing the legendary P.T. Barnum and creating viral content with The P.T. Barnum Guide to Online Publicity. Give it a read. Do it. Then go read why linking to other blogs is critical. Copyblogger is pwning Tea Time.

* For all you new bloggers out there, I know it’s a little tough to get going. Here is a step by step checklist for getting started. I Wish I had found this before I screwed up TheMadHat fifteen times. WordPress for beginners from download squad.

* Let the MyBlogLog spamming begin. Big surprise there.

* Here is some link love for Jane Copeland. I like her writing.

* From the Daily Domainer;, and other interesting domains were the latest pricey domains auctioned off by Moniker. Anybody want to guess where the big money is in the online world?

* Everyone got hacked. Not real big news, but it doesn’t happen much, so there it is.

* We’ve all seen the Adsense policy shift going on recently targeting scraper sites and competing ads (and less recently the images near ads). I tend to agree with Evan Roberts at MarketingShift…it doesn’t mean anything.

* Tony from ProBlogger once again has an excellent guest post (or is he on the team now?) about creating great content.

* Want a free Super Bowl ad? Well, this guy will produce one for free. You just have to pony up the $2,600,000 for the 30 seconds.

* Finally, John Battelle has an informative post on the future of blogs, how to create a better user experience, and leveraging the power of search.

That’s it Alice, no more for you! Everyone have a good weekend, and do something other than read blogs all day.

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goodegg January 22, 2007 at 8:42 pm

Can you find a link for “Wordpress for not-quite-beginners-yet”?

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