Friday Tea Time – 10/5/07

by TheMadHat on October 5, 2007

Hola! Time for another Friday Tea Time. We missed last week due to work overload so I’ll be bringing a few things in from last week. So I still haven’t done any of those improvements I said I was going to do the other day. I’m sacrificing that time to give you another addition to the Tea Time, so smile and say thank you. So let’s look at the interesting things from the SEO world in the last week…errr two weeks:

    * From The Conceptualist, from DirectNavigation, from Craigslist…Hot girl on the lookout for successful SEO’s and domainers.

    * My favorite post of the week comes from Wiep on how to explain SEO and link building to construction workers. Entertaining and makes perfect sense.

    * Brian has a list of friends you need to make. Maybe you can befriend them by getting their moronic VC asses to move blogs from domains with TypePad, WordPress, etc, etc.

    * Conquer the world in 10 easy steps and why this headline is crap.

    * I’ve started some heavy investing into domaining and I’ve learned two things. Domainers don’t know shit about SEO, and I don’t know shit about domaining. All I need to do is find a partner in the domain space and we could make tons of money. I also figured out domaining is really fun and gives me a bigger rush than SEO ever will (except for the paychecks…but hopefully I’ll get those from domaining too). Here is an excellent post from Dominik Mueller on becoming a domainer at this stage of the game.

    * A couple things from TechCrunch that kick ass. Non SEO related but it’s Friday and I can do what I want. VUDU – This is on my Christmas list for sure. Great domain name too. mint – I’ve been using it and it saves a lot of time when you just want an update on all your accounts. It’s still in beta so it has a couple of bugs but I’m becoming a dedicated user.

    * Feel like exploiting Jesus for some easily earned cash? Pat Robertson wannabe’s. Here is your chance.

    * Great post on engagement as a metric (or not a metric) from Occam’s Razor. On a side not I just bought his book recently (Web Analytics: An Hour A Day) and I’m not through it yet but I fully recommend it. You can get it here at Amazon through my non affiliate link. (I don’t need to make money blogging about SEO…only Chows do that)

    * Found via G-Man (get well soon!). If you don’t like regular expressions you’re going to love this htaccess generator from Jeremy at It take the headache out of it and keeps the hair on your head, if you have any left. It also keeps my dog from getting things thrown at her.

    * Via fantomaster here is 300 social bookmarking sites. If anybody comes up with a script to hit them all I’m buying the beer, and giving you lots of cash.

    * Alister Cameron stole your credit card numbers!. Then he goes through some pointers on how to keep yourself secure in the online world of interweb tubes and pipes and stuff. Disclaimer: he didn’t actually steal any credit card numbers, just found some by accident…or so he claims ;)

    * Help others with your unflinching generosity, then head to the bank with loads of cash. Enough said.

    * Geek alert! Here’s some code to help you track clicks for you n00b affiliates. It’s easily customizable to any program that supports subid’s. This way you know what is converting and when.

    * Matt…nice try responding to this paid links is FUD double talk FUD double talk FUD post, but you maybe should just not say anything.

    * To answer the question posed by Oilman….EVERYTHING.

    * Last but not least, Rand explains why big is better. For basic SEO techniques sure, he’s dead on. Once you get to the last “10%” hard stuff, it’s a different story and I’ll be posting why next week. So in conclusion I agree with about half of that post. I don’t really like arguing with Rand, it makes me feel guilty inside. How’s that for branding?

    * Intraweb Gold: Things to Say at a Funeral. (I know. I didn’t have anything prepared for this week. Deal with it.

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