Friday Tea Time – 10/12/07

by TheMadHat on October 12, 2007

Friday Tea Time Columbus Day Fed Up With SEO Version. This post might be off topic in places. Eat it. These will be the strangest posts I could find for the week Christopher Columbus discovered South America in 1498 (if you comment and say 1492 I’m not responding).

* What Would Jesus Link To? Google of course. Only Google has enough money to buy a link from Jesus. Satan Bill Gates doesn’t need one. My question: If you link to Jesus is that considered a paid link?

* Please Join the Alien Resistance Movement because you need to be ready when they land. Also because you can get cool free anti-alien stickers.

* Blog Action Day is Monday so go plant a tree and blog about it. Or at least drive your Honda instead of your V12 Aston Martin.

* Good Graywolf interview on linking. Doug Heil is back making the same asinine comments as usual.

* 7.5 rules to sneak by Mr. Nofollow and sell links without getting the hammer of justice brought down upon your lowly site. Also 7.5 rules on what to look for when buying links. That’s right, BUYING LINKS. Don’t ask me though, I nofollow all paid links. Like the one I just sent to Matt. He chatted with me over a beer one time at pubcon and I’m pretty sure I allowed him to speak to me for free in exchange for linking to his blog on every post.

* Rand-Gate and a bunch of girly tittle tattle. In case you missed it for some reason. Don’t really know much about the details because I don’t really care. If Rand outs some of my sites I’ll send out the bots to smack some of his. Case closed.

* Your blog sucks. Mine probably does too, but whatever.

* The ASSociated Press Can Blow Me. Here is why.

* Get Free Shit. Or give away some shit and get a link. Time to start spamming that thing. ;)

* The RIAA and Google in a super secret partnership

* Back on the serious note. John has a great post about being humbled at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference and how we’re still in the interim with money to be made. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s easy. You need a plan and you have to stick to it. Think of it as playing poker. Stick to your methods and don’t randomly do things. He also notes things are looking up so get a plan and get going. To quote my favorite black hat…”Do It Fucking Now“.

* This might be the greatest thing ever. (PS Jeremy…broken link on this page)

* Google using Wikipedia? Nice write-up by Bill; but Wikipedia? That would be a stupid move by Google I’d think. Let’s see how fast I swamp the editors with fake “Danny Sullivan” pages.

* Please bow down and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that someone finally called out Shari Thurow and her regurgitated “I’m a white hat usability expert who doesn’t really know shit about real SEO but wrote a book anyway and since I was first you suck

You Talkin' To Me?

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Jeremy Steele October 12, 2007 at 3:10 pm

Hehe, sorry about the broken link. I fixed it up, thanks for letting me know.

In case you’re wondering, nsni.localhost is my local test server for, I keep forgetting to replace that with the actual domain when I post stuff.

theGypsy October 12, 2007 at 3:35 pm

Thanks for my fix man – I really needed some Tea, methinks I had too much beer on my break yesterday :0)

A distinctive ‘rant’ flavor to things again this week (time fer more Tequila?)…except I used the word ‘sucks’ twice this week ad U only used it once…. HA! It’s a catchy one at Sphinn lately… ugh…

Anyways, stil catching up… grrrrrr…. another working weekend!

TheMadHat October 12, 2007 at 3:41 pm

@Jeremy – no problem, I do the same thing all the time. And thanks for the htaccess machine. I hate regular expressions with passion and now I don’t have to sit at my desk for hours looking for a ^ that’s not supposed to be there.

@Gypsy – Ranting is almost all I’ve got left nowadays. It’s easier than going through loads of useless SEO crap to find the gems.

Bill October 12, 2007 at 4:58 pm

Nice recap. I missed a few of these this week.

The patent application mentioning Wikipedia doesn’t necessarily have to use the Wikipedia – they mention it as an example. The process would also work with a different knowledgebase, maybe were there is more editorial control.

TheMadHat October 12, 2007 at 5:31 pm

I hate when they mention Wikipedia in patent applications. I’d agree they would have to work off something else. There would be a major uproar from everyone and they would never hear the end of it from Michael Gray.

It does seem like a useful application, but it seems somewhat of a rehash of the “jaguar and jaguar” speech we’ve heard every year.

Nate October 13, 2007 at 2:44 pm

You should change your name from MadHat to ReallyPissedAllTheTimeIHateTheWorldHat.

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