Friday Spiked Eggnog Time

by TheMadHat on December 21, 2007

Greetings. It’s been an interesting week in wonderland. Lots of people mad thinking I’m full of it, and some people in agreement. Oh well, time to move on to some new topics. Between the Google spanking, twitter, and the comment storm my fingers are hurting. Wish there was more time in the day, so many ideas and no time. Moving on to the posts that were written by the folks who took the red pill and went down the rabbit hole.

    Google Kruger
    * Andy summed up the GoogleBorg reader no opt-out. 1984 anyone? What happens when Freddy Kruger tracks me down via Google profiles? If I’m not sliced in half I’m suing.

    * Moving on from scary to shady…I recently discovered the Slightly Shady SEO blog and he’s been pumping out great shit. Just this week we have slipping new sites past Matt Cutts and using anchor text like you’re supposed to. The anchor text post was great. I’ve been using those techniques for a long time but he put it in writing very effectively. The whole ‘split ratio’ really depends on the niche so as always, test it all. Keep it coming.

    * Curl2 is out. Huzzah…time to play! Wish I was a bit better at coding than I am. Takes me a lot of screwing around to get anything to work. I guess that’s how it’s learned though.

    * Buying hosted content pages yet? Then you’re behind. Listen to the Guru. Then listen to Part II. Say goodbye to all the text link brokers unless they wizen up. And don’t make Google look stupid…or any of their friends.

    * Eric is plotting his revenge. Crap.

    * Hey Google…I’m sick of your fucked up shit. I don’t rank for my blog name but all is finally as it should be in the monkey balls niche. Wow…Google has a magic algorithm doesn’t it. I don’t need your damn traffic anyway (just kidding all mighty king…please put me back and I will sacrifice douchbag SEO’s in your honor!)

    * Have any of you domainers seen DotSauce yet? I ran into them a couple days ago and they look to be off to a solid start. If anyone’s in their premium program, please leave some feedback as I’m interested in it.

    * Web 2.0 who what? Lisa explains why just building it doesn’t mean they’ll come…or even know you. Nice work.

    * I’ve been in the Hullu beta stage for a few weeks and I can tell you that it rocks monkey balls. Good news for you…they’ve opened up….well they opened it up for like an hour. It’s gone again. Keep an eye out for next time.

    * If you’ve got like 10 minutes to waste: Judge Judy puts the gavel up an eBay scammers ass.

    * Since everyone reading this is a huge geek, here we have Star Wars link building. I’d put myself as a cross between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker…which doesn’t make much sense but whatever.

    * Check out this social media crybaby whining about SEO. Well, I guess he’s just crying about stupid SEO’s that don’t know what they’re doing. What this guy doesn’t realize is most of what he diggs is probably from an SEO.

    * Here’s everything you need to know about reputation management all in one place. Bookmark and save yourself down the line.

    * If you’re still reading, here are your rewards. A PHP text blender (remember that anchor text post from above), and from this dude I don’t even know the linkdump download. It will save you some time if you can figure it all out.

    * Interweb Gold: Stuff On My Cat (spotted via a twitter from Dave Winget of Wingnut SEO)

    Dirty Sanchez Cat

Adios Muchachos, Merry X-Mas, Festivus for the rest of us!

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Mike December 21, 2007 at 1:08 pm

Have a great Christmas. Did Eric send you a card, btw? ;)

TheMadHat December 21, 2007 at 1:19 pm

And merry X-mas to you as well. And I’m expecting a card from Eric…probably the exploding kind ;)

SEO Rob December 23, 2007 at 5:47 am

LOL! I just got done looking at the actual book called Stuff On My Cat at the World Market about 8 hours ago. Funny stuff, I almost bought it.. Now I don’t have to! thanks for the link.

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