The Great Domain Age Debate

by TheMadHat on January 18, 2007

There has been so much speculation flying around about domain age I decided we needed a post setting this straight. It’s been known for quite some time domain age is a heavy weight when it comes to ranking. True, the value of it may have increased somewhat recently but I think people are putting a little too much stock in it. I mean how many domainers have stockpiles of old domains just sitting there? I’m sure they are loving it because all it does is drive up prices for their older domains. Everyone seems to be ignoring all the other factors involved. Sure, you certainly need to be aware of it when shopping, but simply having an old domain isn’t going to skyrocket you to the top. Let’s look at some of the things that must be present in addition to domain age.

* Index age: How long has this domain been in the index? If you’ve got a 10 year old domain, it’s not going to help much if it’s been parked the whole time.

* Link age: How long have people been linking to you? Same situation again. Personally I think this has a higher weight than domain age when coupled with high quality signals. If high quality domains have been linking in for an extended period this tells me much more than what the registration date does.

* Link growth patterns: Are my links growing on a regular basis? If you received 95% of you inbounds 5 years ago and the remaining 5% over the next 5, that says to me your content is stale. Steady link growth over an extended period is what you need to be looking for.

* Update frequency: Probably not as important as the above three, but still plays a role. Assuming you’re missing the link factors mentioned above, pages regularly updated with unique content are going to do better than those that are not regularly updated.

Now, everyone quit running around yelling about domain age being the primary ranking factor. Let’s move on to a new theory so we don’t all get bored.

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Fire Chief September 28, 2007 at 12:06 am

Great post on the Domain age. I had read the whole post and understood how should be the age of domain name. It was a very helpful sub category of Index age, Link age, Link growth patterns and update frequency. Thank you for this posting. with this i have learned so many things.

jasbloger August 21, 2008 at 2:29 pm

does it help if You buy an deleted domain whn it’s going about link age? Is it different in different search engines?

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