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by TheMadHat on June 11, 2007

Disclaimer: These posts are not meant to be a recap of the sessions like the ones over at Search Engine Journal, but more of a MadHat interpretation of some of the things discussed and the things I found interesting and most important. End of disclaimer.

This session was one of my favorite sessions of the conference. I thought Rand did a wonderful presentation (even if it was 45 slides, they were 45 good ones). The speakers in this session consisted of Rand, Cindy Krum from Blue Moon Works (never heard of them until right then), Todd Malicoat of Stuntdubl, and the little kid Neil Patel from Pronet Advertising.

* Rand started off this session by going over some differences between Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing and ways to succeed in both. It was an easy to understand presentation and also was more advanced than his normal “what is SMM“ speech at SES. Anyway, here is what you should pay attention to:

Social Media Marketing
- Profiles on social media sites
- Building many friends and relationships through various networks
- You can build solid inbound links through profiles on many social networks
- Social networks are very good arenas for reputation management
- Social media is also an excellent place to control your branding

Viral Marketing
- Linkbait, Linkbait, Linkbait

Rand followed up with an explanation and breakdown of different properties you can actively promote each type of marketing and explained the nuances of each. Here again is the breakdown (and these sites are in order of importance):

Social Media Marketing
1. You Tube (I’m a little confused on this one…I always thought this was more of a viral arena. Rand, if you’re listening it would be cool if you could explain that again for us)
2. Wikipedia
3. Yahoo Answers
4. Yelp
5. LinkedIn
6. Flickr (Extra Bonus: Comments are not no followed!!!)
7. Craigslist
8. Facebook
9. Amazon ?? Reviews ??
10. MySpace
11. Technorati (Extra Bonus: Nofollows are again missing on the ?? main picks ??)
12. Judy’s Book
13. Newsvine
14. Twitter (Rand was harsh about them…said they were worthless)
15. City Search
16. WikiHow
17. Squidoo

Viral Marketing
1. Digg
2. Reddit
3. StumbleUpon
5. Netscape
6. Techcrunch
7. Newsvine (Newsvine made both lists)
8. Boing Boing
9. Fark
10. Engaget
11. Techmeme
12. Lifehacker
13. Yahoo Picks (If you can make it. Very tough)

Great presentation Rand, you are in my top 3 list of favorite speakers this week. Disclaimer: This was NOT a monetary review of SEOmoz…they’re just hot shit.

* Old man Niel Patel was up next and went over ways to succeed on social media marketing. These are in no particular order and again the stuff in the parentheses are my thoughts.

1. Add tons of friends (In my experience most people will add you as a friend as long as you’re asking for an add in a relevant network. I never add friends when it would make absolutely no sense. For example, the other day someone added me to their friend list and wanted a connection that was a yoga instructor, didn’t have a blog, and had no interests in SEO or anything else I was interested in. This was most likely a spammer and it was on MyBlogLog, but you get the point.)

2. Participate. (This one is the most difficult for me personally. It’s time consuming and you really need someone working on this full time with all the networks out there).

3. Become a top user. (Kind of goes along with #2).

4. Use their features against them. (This is my favorite. Must be the spammer in me. He didn’t go into much detail on what features to use against which network…but imagine you have 2000 MySpace profiles…that’s another post in itself).

5. Create a social brand. (Larger corporations need to pay attention here. This is one that can do you a lot of good or do you a lot of harm if done incorrectly. There are some companies that do this well, and I wish I could think of some off the top of my head, but that part of my head isn’t working as I write this today).

* Todd from Stuntdubl briefly touched on some reputation management things like naymz and tagalag, and mentioned testing social media sites for value. Everything in this life revolves around testing and then testing some more. I wish more people would recognize that. He mentioned once you determine the value of some of these sites, start building inbound links to them, thereby controlling the results for your identity and/or brand.

* Cindy Krum had some good examples of using social media to control your brand (Starbucks of course). She gave examples of using widgets and web apps inside of social media networks to strengthen brand and build loyal users.

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Todd June 12, 2007 at 2:21 pm

You were at the show and didn’t say hello? wtf? If you did you have to at least associate yourself with the madhat blog – I definitely pop in from time to time. If you make it to pubcon, don’t be a stranger.

TheMadHat June 12, 2007 at 4:50 pm

I know it…there are many I need to say hello to, and pubcon is on my list to hit this year so I’ll be sure not to miss grabbing a beer(s) with you next time!

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