Purpose Inc Poker Tournament at Pubcon = Awesome Shit

by TheMadHat on November 4, 2010

The first time I attended Pubcon was in 2003, and I knew then and there that I would meet some great friends and learn a ton. To this day I still have those friends and colleagues. A lot of this industry has turned into a gargantuan clusterfuck, but it can still be fixed. There are still a lot of people that are truly good people willing to help and willing to listen and learn without shoving it up your ass later when they screw you over. dk is one of those people that is in that group (even though his videos are a bit cheesy, (joke) dk’s party anyway, Jenny, you don’t fall into the cheese category).

That being said, one of my favorite events of Pubcon is the poker tournament dk and Purpose Inc put on. I’ve done it every year they have had it, and even though I haven’t sat at the money table yet (because Brian Chappell keeps cheating or something), it’s still well worth signing up for. Head over to Purpose Inc Poker Registration and join a group of great minds and great drinkers. I’ll be there and if dk sits me next to Brian again I’m calling shenanigans.

Once again, on Tuesday, November 9th 8:00 PST at the Mirage I expect to see you there! Sign up now!

Thanks to backlinks.com for sponsoring this cool event. Here is the mandatory on topic boob picture, brought to you by yours truly and who I request to sit by:

Jennifer Tilly

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