Looking Back At SMX NY

by CSR on October 19, 2007

Forward: I’d like to welcome the esteemed Chris Richardson to the Wonderland that is TheMadHat. We all know Chris from WebProWorld and he will be joining me as a writer on this blog occasionally. So give him a big welcome and listen to what he has to say!             – Aaron


What’s up folks? Long time, no see. I haven’t covered the search engine industry for a little while now, but thanks to Aaron’s kick-ass Mad Hat blog, I’ll share some of my thoughts on the SMX New York conference that just ended a couple of days ago. Great job of organizing the event Danny; next time, however, please get some better chairs. Even though this subject was brought up during the first day of SMX NY, it needs repeating.

It’s hard to enjoy the knowledge when your ass is numb.

First off, all of the speakers were great. They had some really good information and strategies to consider when tackling the social media aspect of marketing your product, and make no mistake, a well-done social marketing strategy can benefit your site’s “profile” in many ways.

One of of the main discussion points was leveraging Digg correctly. This can be done a number of ways, however, one of the more popular and successful ways is through the use of lists. Top-10 lists are a hug favorite of the Digg crowd, so find one that’s pertinent to your field get to listing. If you are travel agency, think of some top-10 lists that affect your company. What are some of the best airports in world? What are the worst (Chicago-Midway)? What makes them the best/worst? Topics like these are a good way to attract the Digg/Propeller/Delicious crowd.

Another good way to penetrate the Digg market is befriend a power Digger or two (or 10). If a Digger like Neil Patel takes a liking to your work, there’s a good chance you can make the front page. However, just be sure your web servers can handle the impending stress. There’s no point in developing an awesome, witty Top-whatever list, only to see your site die when the crowd comes running to see what the hub-bub is about.

Leverage social sites like Facebook and MySpace. These sites can go a long way in furthering your networking opportunities as well as your product’s marketing presence, a fact pointed out quite eloquently by Cindy Krum of Blue Moon Works. Cindy’s segment concerning Flying Dog’s leveraging of MySpace was very educational. I can also speak about the benefits of Facebook when it comes to networking. So can Aaron.

As Rand Fiskin pointed out, learn about the micro social sites that apply to your industry. With a little due-diligence, it’s not hard to find a community that will, in all likelihood, have some positive implications for your site. Engaging these audiences can pay noticeable dividends.

OK, this is a good stopping point for today. I’ll be back on Monday with some ideas you should consider when it comes to blogging and linkbaiting. Like Rebecca Kelley says, it’s good when you are a master baiter. ;) I’d like to thank Shelby Garlock, the search engine maven herself, for putting up with me, especially during the Chicago-Midway debacle (nice crowd management Southwest) . She’s a brilliant Internet marketer, so keep your eyes open for her.

Great job all around to the SMX crew and thanks to Aaron for giving me a platform to share my views. Take care and I’ll see you on Monday.

Chris Richardson

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