Launch Strategy

by TheMadHat on December 18, 2006

The launch strategy that utilized was one I haven’t seen before. They started their services requiring no disclosure from bloggers being paid to write. This created quite a controversy and a lot of buzz around the company. From this they gained a lot of publicity and press in a very short time span. After the initial buzz died down and competing services launched that were requiring disclosure, they immediately jumped on the bandwagon and now require disclosure. They have also created to promote transparency in blogging, which is taking this farce a little too far.

I don’t know if this was their initial strategy, but I have a feeling it was. When all the negative publicity was bouncing around the blogosphere, the word was that the founders were welcoming it all. If so it demonstrates a whole new launch strategy….make something stupid and be a little evil for the publicity, then try and patch it later so you look like guardians of freedom. Go check out ReviewMe instead if you’re going to use anything. Guarding your reputation is an important facet of this industry, and when people find out you are bribing people for good reviews in might come back and haunt you.

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